ADHD/Executive Function Evaluation for Children

Is your child beginning to struggle at school? Are you wondering about ADHD or autism spectrum disorder?

HopeCentral offers a robust consultation package for children who are experiencing academic and/or behavioral issues at school. The consultation is designed to complement the cognitive and learning evaluations available through the school district, providing a medical and psychological appraisal of attention, decision-making, organizational skills and behavior in the school and home environment. HopeCentral’s consultation package will also address problems with social and family functioning due primarily to difficulties with emotion regulation, impulse control, and/or problem-solving.

Our evaluation is performed over a series of appointments conducted jointly by a pediatrician and behavioral health provider and overseen by our Behavioral Health Director, Dr. T.K. Brasted. At the conclusion of the consultation package, the HopeCentral team will provide the family with a summary of the findings and a recommended treatment plan that can be then shared with the school or other health care providers as the parents desire. Families will also have an opportunity to continue their care with HopeCentral as a provider of primary health care and behavioral health.

HopeCentral’s ADHD/Executive Function Evaluation includes:

  1. A full history and physical with one of our board–certified pediatricians
  2. A diagnostic screening interview and clinical observation by our behavioral health providers
  3. Neuropsychological measures of executive functioning and sensory processing
  4. Standardized psychological measures of other potentially related developmental or emotional issues
  5. Four hours of psychologist time for obtaining information from collateral sources (e.g., school teachers), as well as for the scoring and interpretation of standardized measures,
  6. A feedback appointment with patient and family to review results and treatment plan,
  7. Delivery to parents of a type-written report including recommended treatment plan that can be shared with school, other health care providers,
  8. A custom information packet related to diagnoses identified during the course of the consultation (e.g. ADHD, Anxiety, Depression).

What questions does this consultation help answer?

This consultation is designed to identify whether a child meets criteria for a specific medical diagnosis such as ADHD, to identify areas of impaired functioning in both the home and school environments, and to suggest behavioral and medical interventions both at home and at school that may improve the child’s functioning, social interactions and emotional regulation.

What questions does the consultation not answer?

The consultation does not include intelligence or achievement testing and will not delineate specific learning disabilities. If a specific learning disability or developmental delay (such as Autism) is suspected at the conclusion of our consultation, we will recommend further assessment by an appropriate pediatric specialist or educational psychologist or through the school district to assess cognitive function and achievement. This further evaluation will be necessary to receive accommodation on standardized testing or inclusion in a special education program.