Robert’s New School

school-desks-305953_640Robert, a thirteen year old boy, initially came to HopeCentral for primary care and help with his ADHD and PTSD diagnoses, along with issues in school. Robert experienced significant trauma as a young child and the effects of that trauma have profoundly shaped his character. In his young life, he has been expelled numerous times and had countless confrontations with peers and teachers. Psychological counseling, psychiatric medications, and endless educational plans had done little to help Robert’s behavior.

Recently, Robert’s mother Teresa shared her concerns about her son with Dr. Chris Jones. Robert is entering high school this fall and Teresa was terrified of her child becoming another young black statistic. “When you are dealing with the police, you don’t have 15 minutes to calm down,” she noted. As the HopeCentral team reviewed Robert’s case, there was no obvious course of treatment. Therapy and psychiatric medications had little effect. Staff from Seattle Public Schools told us they did not know what to do with him. At the end of human wisdom, Dr. Jones, Dr. Patricia Scott, and Dr. T.K. Brasted resolved to fast and pray on Robert’s behalf for a month.

Near the end of that month, Teresa visited Dr. Brasted for a consultation. During the visit, she despaired that Robert had not been assigned to a special needs school, instead having been enrolled in a large high school. In their conversation, Dr. Brasted realized that HopeCentral’s neighbor, Seattle Urban Academy (SUA) might be a good fit for Robert. SUA focuses on developing academic social and spiritual maturity in at-risk students and has a low teacher-student ratio. Dr. Brasted walked Teresa over to SUA, where Robert was offered admission on the spot. Walking back to the office, Dr. Brasted could hear Teresa singing “Hallelujah” as she walked to her car.

Robert has a long road ahead of him, but we are so grateful for God answering our prayers for his health and well-being with a positive next step at Seattle Urban Academy.