Pricing & Insurance

Primary Care

HopeCentral accepts most major commercial insurance carriers including Regence, Premera, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Group Health and FirstChoice. We also accept Washington Apple Health for Kids through the Molina and United Healthcare plans.

Psychological Services

HopeCentral accepts Regence, Premera, United Healthcare, Cigna, Molina, and CHPW for Psychological Services. Many other carriers will reimburse for our services as an out-of-network provider.

Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Evaluation
  • $1,200
  • See a description of our autism diagnostic¬†evaluation
Executive Function Evaluation
  • $1,000
  • See a description of our ADHD/executive function evaluation

Other psychological services are billed at $140 per hour.

Community Private Pay Discount

HopeCentral is committed to providing affordable care for all families. The table below shows discounts on HopeCentral private pay pricing available to families based upon annual household income. Please submit a copy of your latest federal income tax filing (W2 or 1040) or copies of your last three pay stubs for income verification.

Family Size Household Income Tier A Household Income Tier B Household Income Tier C
2 Less than $49,000 $57,000 >$57,000
3 Less than $62,000 $72,000 >$72,000
4 Less than $74,000 $87,000 >$87,000
5+ Less than $87,000 $101,000 >$101,000

HopeCentral Discount

30% Discount 15% Discount Standard Rates

Community discount pricing is subject to income verification.