In the words of patients. . .

“You guys don’t charge enough for the services you provide. You are incredibly thorough, you take time with your patients, and there’s just not a lot of other places to get that kind of care, especially in South Seattle.”

“With behavioral health providers on staff, I know that if any issues arise, they will be addressed quickly.”

“At HopeCentral, it is not just about keeping my kid from being sick. They care about everything that makes a kid healthy – including spiritual issues.”

“You can tell it is a place that really cares about kids and families.”

“I’m developing a real relationship with my child’s doctors that is helping me when she is well, not just when she is sick.”

“HopeCentral offers holistic care for the whole child – soul, body, and mind.”

“It absolutely makes me feel held up and supported to have this kind of health care for my children.”