South Seattle Pediatric Primary Care & Behavioral Health

HopeCentral is a pediatric and behavioral health clinic in the Othello neighborhood of South Seattle. We feature:

Unhurried Appointments

We focus on a smaller number of patients so we can spend more time. Longer appointments allow our pediatricians to know your child well and provide better care.

After-hours Physician Access

Pediatricians at HopeCentral are directly accessible via our after-hours hotline. At HopeCentral, there are no faceless call centers. You speak directly to the doctors who provide the care for your child.

Behavioral Health Support

Behavioral health affects everything from school performance, social adjustment, and sleep to healthy eating and exercise choices. HopeCentral incorporates behavioral health providers into the primary care team with our pediatricians. Our behavioral health staff is led by Dr. T.K. Brasted, a clinical child psychologist with deep experience in child and adolescent mental health and family dynamics.

Specialty Services

HopeCentral provides select specialty services including ADHD/Executive Function Evaluation, Autism Evaluation, and Autism Education.

Comments or Questions?

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