Pediatrics & Behavioral Health in South Seattle

HopeCentral is a pediatric and behavioral health clinic in the Othello neighborhood of South Seattle. We feature:

24/7 Pediatrician Access

We believe that a strong health relationship requires time together. That is why we work to make our physicians as available as possible. We focus on a smaller number of patients so we can offer longer appointment times. Most acute visit appointments can be scheduled for the same day or next business day. And we provide our patients with a 24/7 direct line to our pediatricians for questions and advice. Find out more about our, enhanced physician access or our primary care services.

Behavioral Health Care led by a Child Psychologist

Behavioral health is a significant factor in child wellness affecting everything from school performance, social adjustment, and sleep to healthy eating and exercise choices. Since behavioral health is so central to wellness, HopeCentral incorporates behavioral health providers into the primary care team with our pediatricians. Most visits to your HopeCentral doctor will also include some time with a behavioral health provider. This close collaboration results in:

  • Robust coaching resources for parents and children navigating the physical, emotional, and social changes inherent in childhood growth and development
  • Effective behavior-focused treatment for behavioral health issues (ADHD, autism spectrum, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Comprehensive medical and psychological screenings for behavioral health issues requiring referral to specialized mental health providers
  • Treatment plans and resources for medical issues (such as asthma, obesity, or diabetes) that require significant behavior change of children and/or parents

Our behavioral health staff is led by Dr. T.K. Brasted, a clinical child psychologist with deep experience in child and adolescent mental health and family dynamics. Learn more about our integrated behavioral health model.

Spiritual Sensitivity

Faith inspired HopeCentral’s providers to a career of service in healthcare. We know that faith is an important component of wellness and health. At HopeCentral, we create a safe place to dialogue about how spiritual practices affect health, regardless of religion, creed, or belief system.

A Heart for the Community

HopeCentral is a non-profit clinic that seeks to bring quality healthcare to every family in the South Seattle community. The generous support of our supporters allows us to offer the same high-level of care our subscription patients receive to families covered by Apple Health. Learn more about our mission here.

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