Our Mission

“Sharing the love of Jesus through excellent, enhanced primary care for the entire community.”

Our Neighborhood – Rainier Valley

Rainier ValleyOne of the most diverse zip codes in the United States, Rainier Valley is a cultural crossroads with over sixty languages spoken by families from all over the world. Unfortunately, this cultural richness coexists with some startling health disparities. Residents experience much higher rates of family poverty, teenage pregnancy, and pre-term birth than other areas of Seattle.  They are two to three times more likely to die from heart disease or diabetes and five times more likely to report unmet health needs than residents in more affluent neighborhoods.  Children in the Beacon Hill/Southeast Seattle area have the highest asthma hospitalization rates in the country.  In fact, life expectancy in Rainier Valley is nearly 10% shorter than in nearby Mercer Island.

Our Story

Moved by the striking health disparities between Southeast Seattle and other Seattle neighborhoods, HopeCentral’s founding team envisioned a clinic that would provide exceptional care to all families in the community regardless of income.

HopeCentral is building a diverse community around the shared, basic need of good health. We offer exceptional care, integrated behavioral health, and high provider access. Many families who can choose any provider in Seattle choose us for these reasons. But we also make this high-level of care available to lower-income families. The generous support of our donors allows us to offer this high standard of care to families on Medicaid and to offer income-based sliding scale discounts to other low-income families.

Rainier Valley is HopeCentral’s neighborhood. We love this community and want to see it become the healthiest community in Seattle.


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