Autism Testing for Children

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that can impact social functioning, cognition, and communication. HopeCentral provides autism testing through our Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Evaluation, a comprehensive exam using multiple modes of evaluation performed by our multi-disciplinary team of child psychologists and pediatricians.

HopeCentral’s Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Evaluation includes:

  1. A full history and physical with one of our board–certified pediatricians
  2. A diagnostic screening interview and clinical observation by our behavioral health providers
  3. Standardized psychological measures of developmental or emotional issues including
    • Language/Communication
    • Reciprocal Social Interactions
    • Repetitive Behaviors/Interests
    • Adaptive Skills
  4. Four hours of psychologist time for scoring and interpretation of standardized measures
  5. A feedback appointment with patient and family to review results and treatment plan
  6. Delivery to parents of a type-written report including recommended treatment plan that can be shared with schools and other health care providers
  7. A custom information packet related to diagnoses identified during the course of the consultation

What questions does this evaluation help answer?

HopeCentral’s autism testing is designed to identify whether a child meets criteria for a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, to identify areas of impaired functioning in both the home and school environments, and to suggest behavioral and medical interventions both at home and at school that may improve the child’s functioning, social interactions and emotional regulation.


HopeCentral contracts with many insurance plans for behavioral health care. For patients receiving out-of-network care at HopeCentral, the fee for the Autism Diagnostic Evaluation is $1,200. We ask that your primary doctor generate a referral. We will also communicate the results of the consultation to your primary doctor with your permission.