Autism First Steps Classes

First Steps is a three-week course originally developed by the Seattle Children’s Autism Center for parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The course covers:

  • A detailed description of the ASD diagnosis. First Steps unpacks the technical definition of ASD and translates it into lay language. Participants will learn about characteristics that are common in children with ASD, identify strengths and challenges in ASD, and identify obstacles to development.
  • An overview of important ASD-related resources. First Steps provides a broad overview of resources available to ASD patients via schools, private therapists, and the state.
  • Parental strategies to help facilitate development. First Steps introduces strategies for identifying and managing environmental factors for children with ASD as well as strategies for teaching and motivating behavior change.

First Steps costs $45 and includes all three sessions. Scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance. Contact HopeCentral for information about the next session of First Steps!