Autism Center of Excellence – Autism Services for Children

HopeCentral has been designated by the Washington Healthcare Authority as an Autism Center of Excellence. We provide a range of services for families with children on the Autism Spectrum including:

  • Evaluation and Diagnosis – Led by our Behavioral Health Director, Dr. T.K. Brasted, our multi-disciplinary team performs comprehensive Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Evaluations so families have accurate diagnoses to access appropriate treatment options.
  • Parent education – We offer the Autism: First Steps course developed by the Autism Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital for parents and caregivers of children who have recently been diagnosed with ASD. This course provides a detailed overview of the diagnosis and a wealth of resources for ongoing education and treatment.
  • ASD-sensitive pediatric primary care – Our primary care practice focuses on a smaller number of patients to give each child the time and attention they deserve. This helps us provide attentive care to ASD patients including the ability to spend more time in appointments, a waiting-room stocked with sensory toys, social stories to help prepare patients and families for appointments, and 24/7 phone access to our pediatricians. Our behavioral health staff provides case management to help families navigate the myriad services involved in long-term therapy (speech pathology, occupational and physical therapy, ABA therapy, social skills groups, etc.). In addition, our integrated behavioral health model of primary care provides specific resources and intervention for the particular behavioral management issues faced by patients with ASD.Social Stories
    Social stories are detailed “picture-books” of common medical procedures that you can study with your child to help prepare them mentally and emotionally for their visit to the doctor. Feel free to view these stories online, download them, or print them out. Our current library of Social Stories is listed below: