Caring Well for Families’ Health Needs

Dear Friends,

Dr. Jones with PatientWe launched HopeCentral with a commitment to invest more time and resources with patients knowing that better primary care leads to healthier outcomes. We spend 45 minutes with patients at well-child visits, 30 minutes for most urgent visits, and all our physician take after-hours calls directly. HopeCentral is also an integrated behavioral health clinic with an on-site behavioral health staff directed by a clinical psychologist.

HopeCentral’s excellent care benefits all families, but it particularly benefits families with high needs. A sampling of our recent patients include:

  • A toddler with autism whose family recently arrived in Seattle from Eastern Europe
  • A child with Down’s Syndrome sometimes so sensitive to the clinic environment that our physician performed an examination in the family car
  • A homeless boy with genetic issues causing scoliosis, heart and lung abnormalities, and speech impediments
  • A young man with significant autism spectrum disorder starting to become violent with his longtime caregiver
  • A teenage boy with a history of trauma with profound academic and behavioral failures at school

GiveBIG Logo
We are privileged to serve these children and their families. But we need your help. This year our goal is to raise $170,000 from supporters like you. Coming up on Tuesday, May 3rd is an excellent opportunity to give via the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG online giving event. Gifts directed to HopeCentral* during GiveBIG will be stretched by a match pool – last year’s match was over 8%!

Please stay tuned for more information about giving to HopeCentral on May 3rd, and thank you for your continued support of HopeCentral. We are grateful for your partnership and prayers!

Dave Kwok, Executive Director